Long Course
Long Course Triathlon
Course Description

Swim 1.2 miles

Swimmers will swim in a clockwise direction on a rectangular course which is marked with buoys every 100 yards.  The expected water temperature is 65-68 F.  Swimmers must wear their timing tag at all times during the race.

Bike 56 miles
Watch for Vehicle Traffic

Start on Shoreline Drive and continue along the beach area.  Proceed up Beach Hill, a steep 1 mile climb.  Turn right on San Antonio Drive.  Turn right on Interlake Road and then turn right on Jolon Road.  Enjoy the downhill ride from mile 26 to mile 35.  Turn right on Nacimiento Lake Drive and head for the ‘Nasty Grade”.  Climb the steep hill and turn right on Interlake Road and keep climbing to mile to “Energized Peak” the highest point on the course where the Bike Premium is determined.  Proceed to San Antonio Drive and turn right and then turn left on Lynch Road and ride down Lynch Hill to the transition area.

Run 13.1 miles
60% trails 40% roads

After you leave the Transitions Area, proceed onto Shoreline Drive, through “Beach City”, and then continue on the fire break to Harris Creek campgrounds. Make your way onto the road and head up a hill to drop into Bashum Point boat launch area.  Hit the trail and follow the creek through the trees and down into Long Valley.  Proceed back into the park on trails and fire roads.  Turn right into the Redonda Vista Campgrounds and turn right onto San Antonio Drive.  Proceed to the turn-around at the “Pit”.   Return back on San Antonio Drive.  Turn right on Lynch Road and down Lynch Hill to the finish line.



Bike Course Elevations


Run Course Elevations