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Simply Put: Our Business Comes Down to the People

We are here to motivate individuals of all ages, and fitness levels, toward a healthier lifestyle by providing training and racing opportunities that bring like-minded people together for a fun weekend. We aim to engage the everyday athlete.

We build a sense of community by creating events that people enjoy socially as well as physically. We strive to reach people that love the best of the best, and work hard to get that. Endurance sports provide a necessary outlet, offering concrete measures of a job well done, and then celebrating with those around who understand the journey it takes to reach your goals.

As consumers are looking for increasingly unique events, we offer up an opportunity to partner with the world renown Wildflower Experience in a unique experiential marketing campaign. Whether you are trying to reach a new audience, increase your market share or communicate a message, we will help you find a way to reach your marketing goals. We are not simply about banners and logo placement, we are about meeting the consumer where they are and making their experience better because of you!


Event Integration

When we talk about sponsoring events, we often think about slapping a brand’s logo on a panel and call it a day. But that is not us, we are a company that goes the extra mile and comes up with different ideas usually make a better impact.  Some sponsors attend the event, we prefer to integrate our partners into the entire scope of the event experience.

Sponsorship Process
Building Memorable Experiences
  • Nail Down values and Goals of Sponsor
  • Brainstorm Innovative ideas
  • Create Plan of Action
  • Measure Success & Build program for Next Event

Demographics and Psychographics

You understand that Wildflower has long-since been dubbed the ‘Woodstock of Triathlon,’ so with your company’s passion for the wellness/endurance industry, and our amazing venue, the race couldn’t be a better fit. The Wildflower team works to understand and listen to the athletes and places the athlete experience as first priority in our all our planning, making each sponsorship integration something that enhances the event experience for all.

Customized Experiential Marketing

For Wildflower, we would create a custom partnership plan, while building a consumer relationship amplifying the fun nature of the event that brings long-term success to your marketing goals. We would like to help showcase your brand and how it aligns with the atmosphere of Wildflower as you are integrated into the event.

Benefits Include (but not limited to):
  • Features on digital media in authentic way
  • Blog Integration
  • Event Branding – full scope
  • Regional and National Campaign Integration
  • Media Partnership Announcements
  • Custom Onsite Event Activation
  • Premier Exhibitor Placement
  • Main Stage Feature
  • Race Bag Insert
  • Mobile Tour Integration
  • Ambassador Integration
  • Complimentary Race Slots
  • Hospitality coordination
  • VIP Packages for your staff and key clients

Face to Face

Get face time with the attendees, in a personalized way, by reaching them at a place they are having fun and accomplishing their fitness goals. As a proven legacy in this sport-lifestyle industry, we invite you to feature your products by providing them hospitality experiences, giveaways, and fun exhibitions at an event that is renowned for its triathlon lifestyle culture.

What makes Wildflower Unique

Our Team

Working with our team, you will find a company that embraces new ideas each year, a company committed to growth and evolution of the sport. We also believe in developing a positive relationship – creating the event so everyone involved is presented with a unique opportunity they will remember for years to come. It’s not just WILDFLOWER, it a complete EXPERIENCE!

Become a Partner

We are always looking for fun and high impact ways to partner with other companies and brands. If you have a product or service you think will fit into our event, we can work with you to make the most of it! Please contact us for more information.