Race Info
Race Info
About The Race

Wildflower is known all over the world for its festival like atmosphere, challenging courses and some of the most energetic collegiate volunteers. It has been named “The Woodstock for Triathlon,” “The Best of the Best,” “Triathlon Back to the Basic Roots,” “Elites Favorite Race,” and more. It’s the “One and Only” Wildflower as there is nothing else like it in the world.


When you registered on Active.com, an email was sent to the address in your Active Passport. If you are unable to find that email, you can go to myevents.active.com, log into your Active passport and locate the Wildflower event to confirm your registration.

Race Photos

Our official photo service FinisherPix takes care of your personal race memories.

Make sure your bib number is visible at ALL times in front of your body and SMILE when you cross the finish line!

Your personal race photos are available within 24 to 48 hours after the race on www.finisherpix.com. You will receive an email once your photos are available.

Pre-order your photos now and save! There are two ways to order your race photos: on Active.com when you register, or follow the above link. Prices start at $9.99 (depending on your race package) with digital photo delivery.

Packet Pickup

Triathlete Packet Pick-up for all races will be at the Packet Pick-Up tent on the north end of the upper parking lot next to the beginning of the Finish Chute next to the shuttle stop. Triathletes must have a valid picture ID to register and current USAT card (if an annual member).

Check in at Packet Pick-Up with photo ID and verify information on the computer screen (correct age group or division, sex, wave start and cap color) to receive race packet and timing tag. Should any information need updating, a solutions table will be available to make the necessary updates.

Open Close
Friday 2 PM 8 PM
Saturday 6:30 AM 6 PM
Sunday 6:30 AM 12 PM


Bike mechanics will be available on Friday starting at 2:00 PM. Bike mechanics will also be available on Saturday at 6 AM and Sunday at 6 AM.

Timing Tag Use: Your timing tag must be worn on the left ankle during the entire race to receive a time. Furthermore, If you lose your tag during any portion of the race, a new tag can be assigned within the Transition Area at Swim Finish/Run Out or Bike Out/In. Timing tags will be collected at the Finish Line. If you drop out of the race for any reason, you must return your tag to the Packet Pick-Up tent or Information Booth. A $20 lost tag fee will be assessed to all athletes who do not return their assigned tag.

Transitions Area

Saturday & Sunday Hours
Open from 6 AM until the end of the awards ceremonies.
* All bicycles must be racked before the start of the first wave of the day.

Bike racks are numbered and triathletes must put their bicycles and gear in their designated bicycle location. After racking your bicycle, proceed to the body marking areas, which are throughout the Transition Area. Triathletes must be marked at least 1/2 hour before the race. Only triathletes and transition workers are allowed in the Transition Area. Glass containers are not allowed in the Transition Area.

When triathletes finish the swim portion of the race, they will enter the Transition Area and proceed to their designated bicycle rack (relay teams exchange their timing tag at their designated rack). Triathletes’ swim time will end when they cross the timing mat at the entrance of the Transition Area at the top of the launch ramp.

Triathletes must put their helmet on and fasten the strap before removing their bicycle from the rack. Bicycles may NOT be ridden in the Transition Area. Depart the Transition Area to the northwest. LONG COURSE and MOUNTAIN BIKE participants turn left and ride through the finish area chute before proceeding toward ‘‘Beach City’’ on Shoreline Drive. OLYMPIC DISTANCE participants exit north directly up Lynch Hill. WARNING: Lynch Hill is very steep and may require athletes to lower gears significantly or walk. Use extreme caution when departing the Transition Area; it is very congested! Triathletes’ bicycle time will start when he/she departs the Transition Area and will end upon re-entering the Transition Area through the ‘Bike In’ chute. Triathletes will return their bike to their designated bike rack. Triathletes must keep their helmet on and buckled until they dismount and rack their bike.

Triathletes will depart the Transition Area to the southwest. Triathletes will go up the Lynch Ramp stairs, turn left on the trail below the resort store lawn and proceed across the bridge to Shoreline Drive. Triathletes’ run time will begin when they depart the Transition Area and end when they cross the finish line.
There are pre-race squeeze bottle fill locations located at the bottom of the stairs, just before you enter the Transition Area, and in the back of the Transition Area. We suggest you fill your bottle before racing.

Course Maps

The Wildflower race courses combine spectacular countryside, acres of wineries, backcountry trails, charming renown communities nearby, and the energetic feel from start and finish.

See Courses

A full list of USAT Rules can be found here: USAT Rulebook

Some basic rules:

  • HELMETS MUST BE WORN going down Lynch Hill so you might as well save time and put it on at your campsite.
  • Make sure nothing is near any of your wheels (wetsuits over the handlebars has led to multiple pre-race accidents)


  • The course will be marshaled. Swimmers must check-in and be body marked (race numbers on arms, legs, and hands) at least 1/2 hour before their race. Swimmers must line up in their wave groups, and have the correct color swim cap. Water temperature will be 65-68 degrees F. Kayaks, paddleboards and lifeguards will be on the water for safety.
  • Wetsuits are recommended but not required. Booties are allowed but not gloves. Special colored swim caps are required and are provided at Packet Pick-Up.
  • Swim goggles may be worn.
  • Swimmers may not use any artificial aids (paddles, fins, etc) except snorkels which are an approved device.
  • No individual escort boats, surfboard paddlers, or pace swimmers are allowed.
  • Swimmers who need assistance must alert the nearest safety personnel by waving arms overhead.
  • Swimmers may receive assistance from a lifeguard or safety personnel (such as resting on board, rubbing cramps, etc.) and continue on the race if they have not received any forward advantage.


  • This course is open to vehicle traffic outside of the Park. Please be aware when you are riding out on the course and obey all traffic laws.
  • We suggest that all bicycle helmets and equipment be inspected before you begin the race. Bicycle numbers and helmet stickers (front) must be attached before you enter the Transition Area.
  • Cyclists may enter the Transition Area between 5:30 AM and 7:30 AM on Saturday and between 5:30 AM and 8:00 AM on Sunday. Bikes need to be removed from Transitions by 4:00 PM each day. Helmets must be US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) approved and must not be altered. Do not unbuckle your chin strap unless you are off your bike. Triathletes must put their helmet on and fasten the strap before removing their bicycle from the rack. Triathletes must keep their helmet on and buckled until they dismount and rack their bike. Violation of this rule is a time penalty.
  • Glass containers and bottles are not allowed in the Transition Area. Violation of this rule may result in a time penalty.
  • At Event Site helmets must be worn and buckled before the triathlete mounts their bicycle, and until the triathlete dismounts their bicycle.
  • Equipment Violations: Your bicycle must be in good working order and have all the appropriate parts (i.e. bar end plugs). See USAT rulebook for violation descriptions.
  • Bar end plugs may be found at Packet Pick-Up and inside the Transitions Area at each of the Aid Stations and Athlete entrance and exit locations. Bar ends are mandatory and could result in DQ if not installed on bike handlebars.


  • A triathlete may run or walk the course.
  • A triathlete may not crawl (it’s a disqualification).
  • Race numbers must be worn on the front of the running jersey and must be visible at all times. A COURSE MONITOR WILL CHECK NUMBERS AT THE CHECKPOINTS ON THE COURSE.
  • Any participant who wears or carries a headset, radio or headphones is subject to a time penalty.

Wave Start List

Wave start times for 2019 will be posted 1 week prior to the event.

Course Closures

Bike 2:30 PM
Run 5:30 PM


Bike 1:15 PM
Run 4:15 PM




Please DO NOT PLAN on leaving the park until after 3 pm on Saturday and Sunday. The triathletes’ safety is our first priority. When leaving the park please follow all instructions given to you by rangers, security, race officials and course marshals. Please drive slowly and watch for triathletes and pedestrians on the roads. All spectators must arrive prior to 8:00 am on Saturday and Sunday in order to enter the park for the event.


Event Staff will help direct you to open parking spaces. There is no car access or parking in the Lynch Area.


Please take advantage of the beautiful walking trails marked around the park to get to the festival area. They are marked on the following map by tan lines. These are the fastest way to get from the Redonda Vista Camping area and a great, time-saving alternative to riding a bus from all parking and camping areas. We suggest you bring your own lighting on the trails after dark.


Roads will be closed at 8:00 am and will not open until all bikes are off the course (approximately 3 PM).


Busses will run until 8:00 PM. Trucks with trailers will follow the buses to transport your bikes up Lynch Hill. Buses stop at designated shuttle stops (as marked on the map).


Shuttle Vans will run until 9:30 PM. Vans will also be following the busses during their operation. Please inform our volunteers if you would like a ride in the van or if someone in your party has trouble getting in and out of busses.


The availability of the boat shuttles are dependent on lake levels.

The boat shuttles will run until 8pm on Saturday and 6pm on Sunday. The boat shuttle stops are in the lower Transitions Area, the Harris Creek Launch Ramp, and the North Shore Launch Ramp. Strollers are not recommended. The boat shuttles have two routes:

  • Between the Lake San Antonio North Shore camping area and the Festival area
  • Between the Festival area and Harris Creek



Redonda Vista: Walking Trails (1.1 miles)

Harris Creek: Bus or Pontoon Boat (4.1 miles)

Lupine Meadow Overflow: Vans or Bus (2.9 miles)

Experience Wildflower

Wildflower is not just a race, it's a full weekend festival with live entertainment, wine tasting, celebration beer garden, the latest and greatest in training gear, race clinics presented by top professionals, movie under the stars, campfire antics, and more.

Learn More
Stay tuned for updates

The Wildflower Experience offers distances for everyone including a Long Course 70.3 Triathlon (also with Aqua-bike option), Olympic Distance Triathlon, Sprint On Road & Off Road Triathlons, 10K Run, 5K Run, 10.7 mile Trail Run, 1.2. mile Open-water Swim and Kids Fun Run. Plus, sign up for classes and clinics at our weekend Yoga Fit Wellness Fest.

Event Cancellation & Transfer Policy

Entry fees are non-refundable.

There is NO rain date. The event will continue rain or shine. In case of inclement weather, management reserves the right to cancel/alter/modify the race/course for safety concerns. In any case, there will be no refunds of race entry fees. Each participant must accept any such risk of their entry fee paid. There is no complimentary race entry to a future race. All monies collected are used to develop and produce the event, including all race supplies, staffing, and administration. We pledge to make every effort to produce a fair, safe and exciting event for all. Any decision made to go forth with the race will be based on the overall event safety.

We appreciate you, as our customer, and understand that sometimes you just can’t make the race. We have created a great policy that offers you several different options in the event you cannot attend on race day. (You may choose only one of the options below.)

Defer Your Entry: You may defer your entry to the next event.  Deferrals must be processed by the registration team and an administration fee of 50% of the current registration fee will be charged. The deferral will expire after the next event and you will not be able to defer your registration again. Deferrals must be submitted to Wildflower Registration prior to 14 days before the event opens for the year.

Transfers: You may not give or sell your number to anyone else. However, bib transfers are allowed for an administration charge of $25 and must be processed through your ACTIVE MyEvents account no later than 14 days before the events. If you transfer your bib, you will receive a refund (minus the $25 administration charge) once the new participant signs up. The new runner will need to pay the full entry fee at the time of the transfer.  This process is in place to avoid any fraudulent sales of race numbers.

Log into your MyEvents.ACTIVE.com account and select “Transfer registration” to begin the process.

Purchase Event Insurance: Active.com has teamed up with The Booking Project to offer Registration Protector which provides insurance to runners in many emergency and injury situations. Registration Protector must be purchased at the time of registration on Active.com, and cannot be retroactively added. If an event occurs that is covered under their policy, you would need to file a claim to receive a full race refund.

For questions and inquiries regarding submitting an insurance claim, please contact Booking Protect using the following methods.

Submit a Refund Application: https://bookingprotect.com/refund/
General Customer Service: https://bookingprotect.com/contact-us/

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