Ambassador Program
Ambassador Program
About Our Ambassador Program

We understand that people join these programs to widen their social circles, receive recognition for their impact, and grow both professionally and personally. Intrinsic motivators are often much more powerful than financial ones, which is why we offer opportunity for mutual growth professionally and personally and you receive recognition for your impact.  In addition, we provide rewards for those helping us grow the event through their presence.

The Wildflower Experience Ambassador Program offers:

  • A way to Personalize the Wildflower Experience
  • Provide recommendations to others from a trusted source – that’s you!
  • Engages groups of people in a community organized way
  • Promotes the Wildflower Experience online /socially by word-of-mouth (sharable moments)
  • Flow of creative ideas that will keep your brand innovative and on message
  • Followings of real-life friends and people who trust your opinions

Benefits to Ambassadors

  • Recognized as a selected “Official Brand Ambassador” for a one-year term
  • Official ‘Wildflower Team’ Branding SWAG
  • Profile on the Wildflower Experience website with link to your social channels to connect with others
  • Widen your Social circle
  • Collaborate with other Ambassadors around the world to grow Professionally and Personally
  • Receive recognition for your impact in the sport
  • Exclusive registration and other offers
  • Rewards for referrals
  • Exclusive access to VIP lounges and functions

Your Job

  • Engage users – be active on social channels include the Wildflower Facebook, Wildflower Instagram, Triathlon/Run/Swim/Lifestyle social sites and be the voice to spread what Wildflower is all about to the online community
  • Promote the Wildflower Experience at your workplace and provide us information on any corporate wellness programs we may be able to get involved with
  • Promote Wildflower Experience in your community – attend any expos or clinics where others may be interested in hearing about Wildflower
  • Wear your Wildflower Ambassador TEAM gear proudly
  • Attend any local expos or clinics that the Wildflower staff will be managing in your area to represent the racer and answer questions they may have
  • Assist in a blog post with writing or being interviewed by our PR team to help tell the Wildflower story and create content that athletes would be interested in reading
  • Actively Participate / Stay Connected in the PRIVATE Facebook Group so you can connect with others that share your passion and drive to grow the Wildflower brand while making sure everyone involved has a fantastic experience
  • Collaborate directly with those they are representing in the ways that work best for you
  • Share the Custom Registration Link – the more registrations that come through your custom link, the more rewards you get
  • Develop a consistent online presence by engaging our audience regularly

The 411
Sign-up Form

  • Website:
  • Hashtags: #wildflowerexperience, #wfexp, #wfexperience
  • Register for ambassador program:
  • You will receive an invite to our private Facebook group
  • OVER mobile app – free APP to overlay the WF logo and/or text on top of your fun and inspiring Wildflower images. Unlock your creativity, this app will allow you to design whatever you need to make your social media campaign engaging.

Steps to Get going

  1. Acceptance to Program – congratulations email received, get excited! Program is renewed annually in June of each year
  2. Register yourself to become an active Ambassador –
    1. Complete Profile
    2. Provide Image(s)
    3. Give approval to post your name, hometown and image of you on our website
    4. Provide shirt size and mailing address
  3. Wait for your custom link to be emailed to you and package of promotional material to come your way
  4. Ambassador Gear will be shipped in 2-3 weeks from all Ambassadors that accept invitation by 12/31
  5. Sport your gear and start SHARING! We are excited to have you as part of our TEAM.

Our Job

  • Provide custom links
  • Provide Rewards
    • Race entries, gear, free photo packages, sponsor exclusive items, camping/glamping upgrades, gift certificates and more.
  • Provide access to social media channels
  • Provide analytics to show progress on spreading the word about Wildflower Experience
  • Provide access to Ambassador Liaison to answer any questions that may come up
  • Provide access to Ambassador Exclusive VIP area at events to those that reach Ambassador Goals
  • Provide SWAG! We know how much we all love this!