Ambassador: Marguerite Harris
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Ambassador: Marguerite Harris

I had my first Wildflower experience in 1999, sporting a “spring” wetsuit from Walmart, a borrowed mountain bike, and a pair of “dolphin” running shorts.  After my wetsuit almost drowned me during my 3 min warm-up swim, I ditched it at the dock never to use it again! I went with my good friend, Stephanie.  We shared a piece of dirt with strangers and slept on a deflating air mattress inside a barely two-wo-man tent.  I was shocked to place fifth in my age group.  Back in the day that didn’t get me on the podium – but it did get me on the grass.  More importantly – I was hooked.

Fast forward twenty (20) (what the heck) years, and I will competing in my lucky number 13 Wildflower race. Since that epic 1999 race I have been fortunate to have completed three mountain courses, seven Olympic courses and 3 Long Courses.  I have done the modified course and the traditional ones.  At this point whatever course is out there I’ll do it!  I am grateful the race is back. Last year Stephanie and I were there to celebrate the return with 10 of our friends.  We are big kids now so I have upgraded to a QR wetsuit, a Cervelo P3Di2, and now wear the same kit from start to finish and sleep in a 5th wheel.

My point is this, it doesn’t matter what equipment you have, you just gotta Tri!  The reason I am passionate about triathlon is the people. I will give you my extra goggles and you will provide me with the nutrition I forgot!  Where else can you show up to a race, forget your wetsuit and then borrow a better one?  Only in a triathlon.

What makes Wildflower different?  Camping, burritos, beer, shopping, Julie Moss, Cal Poly Volunteers, Sean English, Terry Davis, Kelsey Hitchen, crazy challenging courses and gorgeous scenery.  See you soon enough, Wildflower!

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